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Pemberdayaan UMKM Lokal Lewat Zakat: Peran Zulrifan Noor di Tabalong

Gesang Martohartono - Bengawan Solo Composer Passed Away

Gesang Martohartono, the maestro of keroncong, has passed away, at his age to 92 years, on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 18:10 pm. Creator of the song from "Solo" is, before it was treated PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Solo because of problems with digestion, Gesang also had long suffered from prostate and the weak of heart. Last request from Gesang just want to go home soon. Gesang is the fourth child of 10 brothers, Gesang unfortunately had no children and his wife had died. Condolences for the loss Gesang, the maestro of keroncong Indonesia

Shelf Corporation

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Indonesian Movie Awards 2010

Last night May 5, 2010 Indonesian Movie Award 2010 was held in the JTEC Mangga Dua which was broadcast live by RCTI. IMA different from a performance is given a special award for his children. Hopefully his next lot of children's film-quality age-appropriate children. Favorite movie: When Love glorifieth 2 Home Best Male Actor: Tio Pakusadewo (Identitas) Main Actors Best Female: Aty Kanser (Emak Ingin Naik Haji) Best Male Supporting Actor: Dwi Sasono (Wakil Rakyat) Best Female Supporting Actor: Niniek L. Karim (KCB 2) Best Couple: Vino G. Bastian and Reza Pahlavi (Serigala Terakhir) Best Male Newcomer: Chairil A. Dalimunthe (Jermal) Best Female Newcomer: Oki Setiana Goddess (KCB 1) Favorite soundtrack: The Dreamer (GIGI) Favorite Couple: Vino G. Bastian and Reza Pahlavi (Serigala Terakhir) Children Best Actor (Special Award): Iqbal S. Manurung (Jermal) Main Actors Favorite Male: Oka Antara (Hari Untuk Amanda) Main Favorite Female actors: Tika Putri (Bee Queen) Favorite Male Newcome

Five Stars Payment

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Search Engine Optimazation Service

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Personal teachers in france

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Web Hosting Fan

Web Hosting is one of the rental service on the Internet that displays the services or products on the web or internet sites. Without web hosting so the website can not be accessed. Websites must be accessible 24 hours a day, this just might get a server from the web hosting management operations during 24 hours. Now many offer hosting-hosting starting from a paid until the free. Paid domain name offers many features more complete than free. Each has a capacity bandwidth web hosting different. You can choose depending on your needs. Since there are many web hosting companies that exist today, you should careful in determining your choice of web hosting. Of course you do not would any choose it? Make sure you choose a hosting company is a company that professional. One of them you can check how long web hosting that you choose by doing a whois on the domain the company web these. Web hosting company you choose should also be able to serve you during the 24 hours either by email, phone

Merchant Account Provider.

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Fun With Online Shopping

Almost most women love to shop. But in times of busyness exceptional online shopping is one of the very useful option. Especially if you are a working woman who takes the appearance of perfect, you should always pay attention Health and Beauty on yourself. Various kinds of cosmetics and the like are offered to support the appearance you. But if you feel no expert on cosmetics, you do not need worry a lot now Makeup Books sold. So you can become an expert in a short time. To beautify the appearance of the eyes, you can use the waterproof mascara that are resistant to water. Arriving at home you may want to refresh your skin, try Body Scrubs . Many scent option which you can choose. If you notice one of the fashion in the look, choose Clothing for women that match your personality. Maybe you fanatic with clothes designers design a specific course is not a problem. Likewise for the men you can determine their own appropriate clothes for men with your style, ranging from shoe

Sony AK vs Sony Corp

Support for Sony AK that sued by Sony Corp. continued to flow freely on the networking site Facebook and Twitter. It's not impossible, Facebook group initiated by Iwan Pilliang will continue to grow. Support for Sony Arianto Kurniawan, a teknoblogger who sued by Sony Corp. because of a common name 'Sony' on his personal website. No doubt, Japanese electronics giant had resisted all-out in various comments in this group. Some even to ask for a boycott. "BOIKOT SONY PRODUCTS FROM NOW !!!!!!!" Taufik Dawn writes in a commentary, Saturday (13/3/2010).

LG unleashes Android on home market

LG released its first phone running Google's Android platform in its home market of South Korea, part of a broader effort to strengthen its smartphone portfolio worldwide. The device, called the LG-KH5200, is the second Android phone to hit the Korean market, and will be sold for around $573 through KT. SK Telecom, the country's top operator, recently launched the Motorola-made Motoroi, which also runs on Android. The LG device has a sliding Qwerty keyboard, 3-inch touchscreen and 5-megapixel camera. LG has said that roughly half of the smartphones it releases this year will run Android, though it also will remain committed to Microsoft's Windows platform for phones. LG has so far taken a backseat to competitors in the smartphone arena, but is aiming to make a major push on that front this year. The company wants to command double-digit smartphone market share by 2012. Samsung, LG's South Korean rival, also is planning a major smartphone push this year. Samsung said it


If you are active on twitter, you must be familiar with the song trololololololololololo because in a couple weeks a lot of tweets about this song. Started by @pinot tweet that invited to sing "together trololololooooo", trololo virus quickly began spreading. The twitterer in Indonesia grabbed the invitation @pinot rapidly, and now trololo be one thing that a lot of discussion in twittersphere in Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, in other countries were busy Trololo discussed. Some blog post appears to talk about this. Apparently, Trololo singer is Anatolevich Edward Hill, a Russian singer who is well-known since the late 1960s. Edward had named the Honored Artist of the USSR in 1968 and People's Artist of the USSR in 1974. This song is popular in Soviet era, and the video is a video interpretation of humor of Edward Hill. Previously, the song popularized by Muslim Magomaev, a singer-Soviet Azerbaijan, in a film titled Blue Spark.

54 years old woman is having twins and she's already got eight childrens

At the age of 54, Karen Johnston could be counting down the days until her eight children have all flown the nest. Instead, she's having two more of them. Thanks to IVF treatment in a foreign clinic, Mrs Johnston is now six months pregnant with twins - 33 years after she had her first child. A self-confessed baby addict, she was devastated when she went through the menopause six years ago and was told that she was too old to have IVF in Britain. So in 2007, she went to the Czech Republic with her husband Roger, 55, a car production worker, to undergo treatment with his sperm and donor eggs. It was a success and she gave birth to a daughter, Willow. But feeling her family was still incomplete, Mrs Johnston, of Bicester, Oxfordshire, decided to return to the Czech Republic and have IVF again with donor eggs. She is now expecting a twin boy and girl in June. 'All I've ever wanted to be is a mother and after every child I've soon found myself wanting to have another baby,&#

2010 Oscar Winners List

Oscar Award 2010 , Oscar Awards were handed out on Sunday at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. "The Hurt Locker" won the top two prizes at Sunday's Academy Awards, taking home the best picture trophy and the best director honor for Kathryn Bigelow. Bigelow is the first woman in the 82-year history of the Oscars to earn Hollywood's top prize for filmmakers. Below mentioned are Oscar winners for the year 2010. Best Picture "Avatar" "The Hurt Locker" WINNER! "Inglourious Basterds" "The Blind Side" "District 9" "An Education" "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" "A Serious Man" "Up" "Up in the Air" Best Director James Cameron "Avatar" Kathryn Bigelow "The Hurt Locker" WINNER! Lee Daniels "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" Quentin Tarantino "Inglourious Basterds" Jason Reitman "Up in the A

LEGO Creation: Twitter Fail Whale

Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Since late 2009, users can follow lists of authors instead of following individual authors. All users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. While the service itself costs nothing to use, accessing it through SMS may incur phone service provider fees. Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained notability and popularity worldwide. It is sometimes described as "SMS of the Internet."[5] The use of Twitter's application programming interface for sending and receiving text messages by other applicatio

2008 iPhone, 2010 iPad.. Whats next ?

When the iPad was unveiled in January, everyone could agree on one thing: it did look a lot like a big iPhone. extends Apple's consistent design to its logical conclusion in the company's next two revolutionary devices. source: gizmodo

SeaWorld Orlando trainer dies in orca incident

Horrific scene was witnessed by the visitors SeaWorld Orlando in Florida, United States (U.S.). A dead whale trainer sunk by the animal in front of the audience. Dawn Brancheau was killed after the show "Dine with Shamu" featuring whales. 40-year-old woman had just finished performing with Tillikum session, SeaWorld whale is the largest and the only adult male whales. A witness, Victoria Biniak, told Florida news source WKMG that the trainer was grabbed by an orca shortly after delivering a speech to an audience gathered for a public whale show. But a spokesperson for the Orlando County Sheriff's Office, Jim Solomons, said that it appeared the trainer had slipped or fallen into the tank, apparently contradicting Biniak's description. "This appears to be an accidental death, a tragic death," Solomons said. The trainer was already dead when emergency personnel arrived, Orange County Fire Rescue spokesperson John Mulhall told WKMG. An investigation into her dea

Composite Wire and Cable

Making composite cables and wires in electrical and electronics sector is growing, among others, to wrap the cable isolator requires the use of high temperatures, the use of anti-flame. It is also necessary for the material that has high temperature resistance, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. At present we can find a variety of composite cables for military applications, automotive, telecommunications, medical and others of his. Composite cable can also be found on the Audio Video equipment our home, such as LCD or Plasma TV. Composite-video cable is created in the transition of black and white television to color television, which is the best option to continue the signal. Many companies that make and provide a variety of cables with a variety of advanced technologies. One company in the field was Thermax which can help an industry to implement a variety of your technology. Thermax will provide a variety of innovative designs and manufactures high. If you ne

Fountain Hills Homes for Sale

I was on vacation last year in Scottsdale, Arizona. The city is located in the Salt River Valley, or The Valley of the sun. There I had visited the Fountain Hills with the beautiful scenery with a full range of facilities. You can try some of the challenges in a beautiful golf course. The most interesting part of Fountain Hills is a famous fountain in the world that has existed since 1970, he height taller than the Washington Monument. I think if we lived in Fountain Hills very fun with the cool air and fresh, perfect for staying with my family. I am trying to find information about a house in Fountain Hills. After tracing the various agencies that offer F ountain Hills Home for Sale , I fit the bid offered by Holm Group. They really helped me when looking for a house that I want in Fountain Hills. They also provide very detailed information to me so that we were not disappointed. The price offered is not too high, according to my budget and my desire. I found a good Residential equi

Semarang Students Make the Highest Tahu Cone in the World

Students of Akademi Kesejahteraan Sosial (AKS) Ibu Kartini, Semarang, initiated a world record in the form of mountain (cone) which made of "Tahu Pong". Cone of "Tahu Pong" has 4.3 meters high by 6.54 meters circumference. This fantastic record finally recorded at MURI with No. 4158/R.MURI/2010. Paul Pangka, Senior Manager MURI, said that the AKS Ibu Kartini has created a new world record. "This world record. The only mountains are made of Tahu Pong only in Semarang, "said Paul Pangka, Saturday (20/2/2010). Records was made on Friday at 21.00 pm yesterday until today at 07.30 pm, by entire student Department of Tata Boga, Semester I. This giant cone made from 7000 Tahu Pong. According Listyarini Diah, Director AKS Mother Kartini, MURI record is not the main target. The main concern in this activity is the preservation and love of food typical campaign Semarang. "We want to emphasize that Semarang culinary likes and locals love their area specialty. So

"Dear John" Beats "Avatar" with $32.4 Million

With its opening, Dear John debuted as the No. 1 movie with $32.4 million, knocking off Avatar after seven weekends in first place. The film has a record opening for Super Bowl weekend, topping the $31.1 million debut for Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert in 2008. It is also the best debut for a film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. The movie opens with John Tyree, a young soldier from the Army Special Forces, lying on the ground in his army gear with gunshot wounds. Coins begin to fall over him as he remembers a childhood trip to the U.S. Coin mint. He goes on to state that he is a coin in the United States of America's army, and that the last thing he thought about before he blacked out, was you. In 2001, college student Savannah Lynn Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) is on spring break when she meets John Tyree (Channing Tatum), a young soldier on leave from the Army Special Forces. In a matter of days, Savannah and John fall in love. John meets Savannah'

Oscar Nominations 2010 List

Here is the FULL LIST of the Oscars 2010 Nominees. Who among these Oscars 2010 nominations are your bets to win the Oscars 2010 Award? Best actor in a leading role Oscars 2010 nominees Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart” (Fox Searchlight) George Clooney in “Up in the Air” (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios) Colin Firth in “A Single Man” (The Weinstein Company) Morgan Freeman in “Invictus” (Warner Bros.) Jeremy Renner in “The Hurt Locker” (Summit Entertainment) Best actor in a supporting role Oscars 2010 nominees Matt Damon in “Invictus” (Warner Bros.) Woody Harrelson in “The Messenger” (Oscilloscope Laboratories) Christopher Plummer in “The Last Station” (Sony Pictures Classics) Stanley Tucci in “The Lovely Bones” (DreamWorks in association with Film4, Distributed by Paramount) Christoph Waltz in “Inglourious Basterds” (The Weinstein Company) Best actress in a leading role Oscars 2010 nominees Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side” (Warner Bros.) Helen Mirren in “

Exploding Cigarette

picture courtesy of surabaya post Bekasi , Clas Mild tobacco companies should be responsible for the incident with the victim's cigarette exploded Andi Susanto (31), resident of Pondok Tanah Mas Housing Wonosari, Bekasi. Andi Susanto lost five teeth and get a few stitches in the mouth after Clas Mild he smoke exploded. The incident occurred on Thursday, January 29 evening. Until now he is still being treated in hospitals Adam Talib, Cibitung, Kabupaten Bekasi, West Java. Andi, The Security guard companies in the region eksavator Cibitung MM 2100, Bekasi West Java, now lying low in Room No. 4 RS it. Part of his face around the lips look white plaster to close the wound. He was reluctant when asked to talk. The accident on Thursday last week was unexpected, Andi. Citing the recognition Andi, Ny Ninik recalled, when her son was smoking a cigarette Clas Mild (production of PT Nojorono Holy, red) when about to leave to work in the region 2100 MM Cibitung, Bekasi. At around 18:30 pm. Aft

Google Clone Launches in China

A new search engine and social network provider called Goojje has appeared online in China. The site contains very similar branding to Google, and the final syllable "jje" sounds similar to the Mandarin word for older sister (jiejie). Say hello to Goojje, a Chinese search engine that looks remarkably like one we've seen before. It launched on January 14, and yes, it's filtered for less flavor. The way the name works is this: Jie Jie (Goojje) is mandarin for sister, while "ge ge" (Google) means big brother (er, shouldn't that be the other way round?) The Web Monster (ie, the real one) is being exhorted to stay by its sino-doppelganger, with a message on Goojje that reads, "Sister was very happy when brother gave up the thought of leaving and stayed for sister." Just a few days after Google first threatened to leave China, this lil' shanzhai site popped up. The title, Goojje is a pun. The jje part of it sounds like "jie jie (姐姐)" or

7 year old boy raises $240,000 for Haiti appeal

picture courtesy of cnn 7 year old Charlie Simpson, from Fulham, west London, started a charity. His goal? To raise 500 euro for UNICEF's Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal which will provide water, sanitation, education, nutrition as well as support for child protection. Here the note from charlie My name is Charlie Simpson, I want to do a Sponsored Bike Ride for Haiti because there was a big earthquake and loads of people have lost their lives. I want to make some money to buy food, water and tents for everyone in Haiti. I am going to cycle around South Park as many times as possible…. (at least 10 laps, I hope!). Please can you sponsor me and all your money will go to UNICEF who are collecting for Haiti. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! Charlie. And with that simple call, messages of support flooded the site. "Such a big heart for a young boy, you're a little star!" wrote one supporter. "Well done Charlie. A real celebrity," said another. More donations be

Apartamentos vacacionales en Panama

Panama is one of the countries in the Caribbean and the Pacific coast. Has a natural beauty that is very beautiful. Like the rain forests and beautiful mountains. And have a site which is very rich history. For those of you who want to travel to Panama was not one of them started thinking about this now. Not close to you may also have Apartamentos vacacionales en Panama . You can see the pictures of the apartment is on the web Apartamentos vacacionales en Panama . Guaranteed you will be impressed with the beauty and luxury of his apartment. Do not hesitate to visit Panama.

Sample Essays

Do you already know This is a company that helps you in writing essays in various fields. They can be relied upon in the writing of essays, because it is professional and can be believed. They can solve your problems in a time not long. You can see that there Sample Essays on You can find sample Essays that you can download there

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorce

The hottest rumor this week, the lovely Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt handsome actor rumored to be separated. The Beautiful Angelina Jolie, who was born on 4 June 1975 was first paired with Brad Pitt in the film Mr & Mrs Smith, had been married two times that the actor Jonny Lee Miller in 1996 and Billy Bob Thornton in 2000. Finally, after several years of falling into the arms of Brad Pitt, they were rumored to be separated. This separation caused by the news according to his Angelina Jolie is jealous of Brad Pit. Brad Pit in the end reportedly close to returning to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Pitt & Aniston divorced in 2005. The news they were already hired a lawyer to handle their divorce. From the result of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt memreka has got a great 6 children. adoption of three children namely Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, and Zahara, 5. And three of his biological children Shiloh, 3 and 17-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Rumah Dara

Rumah Dara is a long version of the film Dara. The film was directed by The Mo Brothers. This film is about the journey of six old friends, who accidentally took them to a terrifying experience, sadistic, and endanger their lives. This film genre is "Slasher". Slasher is a horror movie with graphic blood and violence. This movie has looked forward to the slasher movie fans Indonesia for a long time. Quite foreign genre film industry in the country, and rarely worked out by the movie makers, movie makers in other Indonesian. The film is also very international interest. "Overlook Entertainment" has even taken the distribution rights for Europe and America. While "Five Star Entertainment" Thailand took the distribution rights of the Asian region. Before circulating in Indonesia, this film also has 'traveled' to several festivals of international scale, such as the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan 2009), where Shareefa Danish won t

Buy Essays

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Dodge accessories

Since its establishment the company's Dodge, the car was quite honored and loved. Besides being one of the major automotive companies, Dodge also has a good model and left with his other car models in the world. Dodge accessories has advantages over other brands because Accessories and Dodge models have a very exclusive, elegant and luxurious. No denying, that the dodge accessories is very much in search of fans everywhere are dodge cars. The Dodge driver was know exactly the difference of eachdodge accessories . Dodge them satisfied with their accessories. But they also continue to seek other satisfaction of dodge accessories. For example, to dodge dash kits they would find anywhere to get it. To their satisfaction, their pricing problem was not disputed. They will continue looking for various dodge accessories to continue to add pleasure and beauty of their dodge. Dodge accessoriesalso continue to add and update its display accessories that can compete in the automotive world

Twitter phenomenon

CreativeCloud have made a good illustration of twitter. There are 7 drawings that explain how if all the posts from the user should be printed. Imagine how much paper is consumed and how much money is spent to print the entire post. If you printed Twitter … the seven billion tweets to date are composed of 104,860,000,000 words, as many as 133,000 copies of the the King James version of the Bible. it would cover 350 million sheets of paper, which is 37 times the number of pages used in bills introduced in the United States Congress since 1955. the paper would weigh three and a half million pounds, the equivalent of 82 school buses fully loaded with 84 happily tweeting kids. and did nothing but read tweets throughout the entire work day, it would take 2,912 years to get through it. and laid the pages end to end, they would stretch 60,763 miles or two and a half times around the earth. on an average HP Inkjet printer, it would cost you $24,500,000 to print in black ink or $55,606,250 to

Interrogated by the police because of the facebook photos

photo courtesy of dailymail 18-year-old mother Rebecca Davey of Southend, Essex (in the UK), posted a photo of her six-month-old son Ollie with an unlit cigarette in his month. The smoking baby photo then alarmed a few online friends, who reported Davey to the local authorities. Rebecca then updated her status to read: 'Some w***** reported me to the police abwt picture off ollie.' Essex police visited Rebecca's home in Southend, Essex, but said there were 'no immediate concerns' for the child's welfare. Social services also made inquiries. Rebecca then declared her love for her son, writing: 'Why Would SomeOne Do That To Me U Ollie No was taking U Yur Mine for lyfee Darlinggg Mummy Loves You :)' Her friends rushed to her support, with one writing on her page: 'Some ppl r nosey f****** aint they!! dw [don't worry] ur a good mum they wont hassle u 4 long!!!' But another said: 'What chance has the kid got if the family behave like this?'

Google to stop its services in China

foto courtesy of dailymail Google's decision to stop censorship in the service of his search engine in China to reap the support of the citizens of China. Flowers and greeting cards continue to flow into Google's office in appreciation for the courage Google it. Residents who brought flowers generally supports Google steps against the imposition of government censorship China applies especially to the political issues and human rights. One card is inserted in the bouquet of flowers mentioned in China's language roughly means "Google: real man". However, not a few who also expressed disappointment. They were disappointed because the Google service then endangered close if the government of China is not allowed to operate without censors. So many flowers that flow, overwhelmed security forces to get rid of these bouquets. However, residents queue to show sympathy for Google continues to flow. The security guard at the Science Park which became Google's office in


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Three Indonesian citizens from Bali Still Missing in Haiti

foto courtesy of csmonitor At least five people from Indonesia was in Haiti on Tuesday's earthquake measuring 7 SR, which could kill 100,000 people. Two out of five citizens of Indonesia, which is known named Endang Satriyani and Yogi Anggoro confirmed alive, while three other Indonesian citizens is still unknown. According to the Master of Business Ad-Interim PTRI New York Ambassador Hasan Kleib in an interview with AFP, local time Wednesday, Endang and Yogi when an earthquake was in the headquarters building the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in the Haitian capital, Port au Prince . So far, the new PTRI managed to make contact with a Yogi by Indonesian citizens who worked for the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), Luigi Pralangga. From Yogi also note that three other Indonesians, who were all women. All three are believed to be in Port au Prince when the earthquake happened. "Yogi said recently they had met in Port au Prince. The three residents of Indonesia's

Vitamin C

Image via Wikipedia Vitamin C is useful for growth and repair any tissue in the body, helps lower bad cholesterol, or LDL, in the blood, helps maintain the integrity of the epithelial layer of the body and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also necessary for dental treatment, bone and cartilage. Vitamin C dose recommended is 75-90 mg per day for adults. Excess of vitamin C will be excreted through urine in accordance with its soluble in water. Many products that offer Vitamin C with high doses, this really is not necessary because the recommended dose is 75-90 mg per day. If we consume too much vitamin C will cause damage to the stomach, causing diarrhea and excess gas production in the intestine so that it will feel bloated and apat Compounding the kidneys work. To meet the sometimes 75-90 mg vitamin a day, we can consume his orange juice samples. Vitamin C is also contained in vegetables and fruits. Like: * Broccoli, cooked in a single dose of glass: 74 mg Vit C * Red cabbage,? Dosing cup:

Anti Virus made by Indonesian Junior High School

Indonesia should be proud of an achievement of one of its citizens who succeeded in making anti-virus programs. Anti-virus is recognized by the world and get a 5 star in and Antivirus Atomic Blue created by Alvin Leonardo (14) E IX class student Stella Maris Catholic Junior High School, Surabaya. Remarkably, by arek Suroboyo. Antivirus is free, and only your size 4.8 MB. Try to prove the greatness of this antivirus is able to capture about 4.000 viruses. Blue atoms became primary antivirus antivirus and it will active in your computer. it is very light and useful for your computer. Blue Atom Antivirus has updated version to: 2:00:09 The software can be downloaded at softpedia

A new hero called Hendri Mulyadi

Before the fight Indonesia vs Oman, Nobody knows Hendri Mulyadi. But because of this crazy action, he's now a hero for some football lovers in Indonesia. The audience at the Bung Karno Stadium were disappointed to see Indonesia vs Oman in the injury time and the score 1-2 for the visitors victory. You see, this defeat will make Indonesia for the first time since 1996 failed to qualify for the Asian Cup. Before the referee blew the whistle to end the match, the audience in the stadium and millions of viewers who watched live on television smiling after the entry of a supporter to the field. The man who became known named Hendri Mulyadi it had a long dribble and try to break down the goal of Oman. Perhaps the action was originally considered only as an act of insane supporters Indonesia, which is known to acting like that. But later revealed that actions that young people are 20 years of frustration and disappointment over the performance of the troops 'Red White' achievement

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Sherlock Holmes film is based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes, a famous private detective in England during the 18th century, he always managed to handle complicated cases. "Sherlock Holmes" is about black organization led by Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). This cult dismantled by Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr..) Together with his colleague who is a doctor, John Watson (Jude Law). Lord Blackwood has resulted in the deaths of many people. Dr.John Sherlock Holmes and Watson as a witness for the crimes of Lord Blackwood, when he was trying to kill a woman to be sacrificed in the ceremony black flow. Blackwood sentenced to hang, but the odd thing happened the day after the funeral, the grave Blackwood destroyed from within and strangely in the coffin was not dead Blackwood, but the bodies of others. This makes Dr.John Watson was amazed and felt stupid, because he is checking that the Lord Blackwood has died. Obviously the news about the Blackwood rise f

2010 Hair Style

Entering the new year, many people create a new trend. Like clothing trends, lifestyle, hair etc.. I will discuss about the hair trends in 2010. Hair Trend was created to make it look more fresh and new, to welcome the year 2010. According to, if you have hair that is not too long, hair style layer can still be maintained. Also bob hair style is also predicted to be quite popular Many hair stylists who create the hair style of by reference. In the quotation from, Rudi Hadisuwarno introduced four latest hair styles. Rudi put a simple hairstyle, simple and minimalist, and in accordance with the personality of each woman, but still trendy in 4F: fresh, fun, fabulous, and fashionable. Here are some good tips on 2010 hairstyles. Diversity Diversity is the key thing for 2010 .There will always be people who like long hair and those who like short hair, so cuts and styles will be adapted to the individual. Everything