Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is useful for growth and repair any tissue in the body, helps lower bad cholesterol, or LDL, in the blood, helps maintain the integrity of the epithelial layer of the body and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also necessary for dental treatment, bone and cartilage.

Vitamin C dose recommended is 75-90 mg per day for adults. Excess of vitamin C will be excreted through urine in accordance with its soluble in water. Many products that offer Vitamin C with high doses, this really is not necessary because the recommended dose is 75-90 mg per day.
If we consume too much vitamin C will cause damage to the stomach, causing diarrhea and excess gas production in the intestine so that it will feel bloated and apat Compounding the kidneys work.

To meet the sometimes 75-90 mg vitamin a day, we can consume his orange juice samples. Vitamin C is also contained in vegetables and fruits. Like:
* Broccoli, cooked in a single dose of glass: 74 mg Vit C
* Red cabbage,? Dosing cup: 40 mg
* Red peppers,? Dosing cup: 95 mg
* Green Peppers,? Dosing cup: 60 mg
* Kiwi, 1 medium-size seeds: 70 mg
* Tomato juice, one glass dosing: 45 mg
* Cantaloupe, a single dose glass: 59 mg

For that we need to consume vitamin C with the wise. Vitamin C is not only we can from suplements be better to consume the material is natural vegetable and fruits.
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