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Exploding Cigarette

picture courtesy of surabaya post

Bekasi, Clas Mild tobacco companies should be responsible for the incident with the victim's cigarette exploded Andi Susanto (31), resident of Pondok Tanah Mas Housing Wonosari, Bekasi.

Andi Susanto lost five teeth and get a few stitches in the mouth after Clas Mild he smoke exploded. The incident occurred on Thursday, January 29 evening. Until now he is still being treated in hospitals Adam Talib, Cibitung, Kabupaten Bekasi, West Java.

Andi, The Security guard companies in the region eksavator Cibitung MM 2100, Bekasi West Java, now lying low in Room No. 4 RS it. Part of his face around the lips look white plaster to close the wound. He was reluctant when asked to talk.

The accident on Thursday last week was unexpected, Andi. Citing the recognition Andi, Ny Ninik recalled, when her son was smoking a cigarette Clas Mild (production of PT Nojorono Holy, red) when about to leave to work in the region 2100 MM Cibitung, Bekasi.

At around 18:30 pm. After buying cigarettes at the shop Clas Mild Mrs. Bannerman, neighbors, Andi was ready to ride motorcycles to go to office. While on a motorcycle, he was a new cigarette lit. However, suddenly burning cigarette and pulled out a loud explosion.

According to Police Chief Wibowo, Andi purchased cigarettes still in sealed condition. Therefore, the remaining sticks of cigarettes smoked by Andi will be checked at the police forensic laboratory to determine whether there is also content with explosives in it.