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Inovasi Praktis: Sekai Rice Cooker Low Sugar sebagai Solusi Kesehatan

Gesang Martohartono - Bengawan Solo Composer Passed Away

Gesang Martohartono, the maestro of keroncong, has passed away, at his age to 92 years, on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 18:10 pm. Creator of the song from "Solo" is, before it was treated PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Solo because of problems with digestion, Gesang also had long suffered from prostate and the weak of heart. Last request from Gesang just want to go home soon. Gesang is the fourth child of 10 brothers, Gesang unfortunately had no children and his wife had died. Condolences for the loss Gesang, the maestro of keroncong Indonesia

Shelf Corporation

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Indonesian Movie Awards 2010

Last night May 5, 2010 Indonesian Movie Award 2010 was held in the JTEC Mangga Dua which was broadcast live by RCTI. IMA different from a performance is given a special award for his children. Hopefully his next lot of children's film-quality age-appropriate children. Favorite movie: When Love glorifieth 2 Home Best Male Actor: Tio Pakusadewo (Identitas) Main Actors Best Female: Aty Kanser (Emak Ingin Naik Haji) Best Male Supporting Actor: Dwi Sasono (Wakil Rakyat) Best Female Supporting Actor: Niniek L. Karim (KCB 2) Best Couple: Vino G. Bastian and Reza Pahlavi (Serigala Terakhir) Best Male Newcomer: Chairil A. Dalimunthe (Jermal) Best Female Newcomer: Oki Setiana Goddess (KCB 1) Favorite soundtrack: The Dreamer (GIGI) Favorite Couple: Vino G. Bastian and Reza Pahlavi (Serigala Terakhir) Children Best Actor (Special Award): Iqbal S. Manurung (Jermal) Main Actors Favorite Male: Oka Antara (Hari Untuk Amanda) Main Favorite Female actors: Tika Putri (Bee Queen) Favorite Male Newcome

Five Stars Payment

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