2010 Hair Style

Entering the new year, many people create a new trend. Like clothing trends, lifestyle, hair etc..
I will discuss about the hair trends in 2010. Hair Trend was created to make it look more fresh and new, to welcome the year 2010.

According to shortlonghairstyles.com, if you have hair that is not too long, hair style layer can still be maintained.
Also bob hair style is also predicted to be quite popular

Many hair stylists who create the hair style of http://shortlonghairstyles.com/ by reference.
In the quotation from tempointeraktif.com, Rudi Hadisuwarno introduced four latest hair styles. Rudi put a simple hairstyle, simple and minimalist, and in accordance with the personality of each woman, but still trendy in 4F: fresh, fun, fabulous, and fashionable.

Here are some good tips on 2010 hairstyles.


Diversity is the key thing for 2010 .There will always be people who like long hair and those who like short hair, so cuts and styles will be adapted to the individual. Everything is a strong look that makes a big statement.

Versatility will dominate in 2010.Versatility is a theme or idea for 2010 haircuts which more than one hairdresser predicts.We’ve grown accustomed to change and we will want to change our hair on a whim. Haircuts that allow styles to be easily maintained and yet allow maximum flexibility will be popular.

2010 Popular Hair Color
Color is a mix of extremes, then what is the fashionable hair color in 2010. Bright shades created with metallic color will make anyone stand out. A more subdued look will also be popular, where color is blended for a soft, finished look.

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