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Inovasi Praktis: Sekai Rice Cooker Low Sugar sebagai Solusi Kesehatan

Nokia 6700 Classic

Like other classic Nokia, Nokia 6700 Classic has features of simplicity through minimalist physique. Actually, one year ago, Nokia had launched one of his classic weapons to fill this premium, the 6220c. Now the price has touched Rp 2.8 million. But that also hape candy-bar shape is less successfully penetrate the market. Though already has the features and systems the most complete software than hape-hape other classic Nokia family. Similarly, 6700c sold a little more expensive but still not as complete facility equipped 6220c. So where are the good 6700c if not more sophisticated? This question appears when I first encountered this phone. Even if we consider the price factor, with capital of Rp 3 million could have glanced at one of the E63 or maybe hape Nseries or other brands that also offer more sophisticated features. But when the 6700c packs are opened and the body in direct contact with our hands, then we became aware of the classic figure of this one. Dimension which was small

Global Handwashing Day

Let us support Global Handwashing Day on October 15, 2009 Global Hand Washing Day of the first UN commemorated by millions of children around the world using soap and water for washing hands. According to the UN in this way is the most effective way to prevent infectious disease. Menucuci hands with water alone is not enough, because it will not eliminate germs. Was encouraged by washing hands with soap. Unicef says washing hands, especially after contact with feces can reduce diarrheal diseases by more than 40%, and for respiratory infections reached 30%.

Batik's Day

This day is a batik day. have you wear batik today? batik is a national heritage from indonesia. we must preserve it. UNESCO added Indonesia’s batik to its representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, making it Indonesia’s third cultural heritage after wayang and kris.