Rumah Dara

Rumah Dara is a long version of the film Dara. The film was directed by The Mo Brothers. This film is about the journey of six old friends, who accidentally took them to a terrifying experience, sadistic, and endanger their lives. This film genre is "Slasher". Slasher is a horror movie with graphic blood and violence.

This movie has looked forward to the slasher movie fans Indonesia for a long time. Quite foreign genre film industry in the country, and rarely worked out by the movie makers, movie makers in other Indonesian. The film is also very international interest. "Overlook Entertainment" has even taken the distribution rights for Europe and America. While "Five Star Entertainment" Thailand took the distribution rights of the Asian region.

Before circulating in Indonesia, this film also has 'traveled' to several festivals of international scale, such as the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan 2009), where Shareefa Danish won the award for Best Actress for this film. Besides PiFan, Macabre / House Dara is also being played at other festivals, such as the Fantastic Fest 2009 in LA, USA and Germany Fantastic Film Festival 2009.

The Mo Brothers, the director who have a special passion for slasher genre is also making a movie "Sendiri (ALONE)" when they were in Australia.

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