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If you are active on twitter, you must be familiar with the song trololololololololololo because in a couple weeks a lot of tweets about this song.

Started by @pinot tweet that invited to sing "together trololololooooo", trololo virus quickly began spreading. The twitterer in Indonesia grabbed the invitation @pinot rapidly, and now trololo be one thing that a lot of discussion in twittersphere in Indonesia.

Not only in Indonesia, in other countries were busy Trololo discussed. Some blog post appears to talk about this.

Apparently, Trololo singer is Anatolevich Edward Hill, a Russian singer who is well-known since the late 1960s. Edward had named the Honored Artist of the USSR in 1968 and People's Artist of the USSR in 1974. This song is popular in Soviet era, and the video is a video interpretation of humor of Edward Hill. Previously, the song popularized by Muslim Magomaev, a singer-Soviet Azerbaijan, in a film titled Blue Spark.