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Twitter phenomenon

CreativeCloud have made a good illustration of twitter. There are 7 drawings that explain how if all the posts from the user should be printed.

Imagine how much paper is consumed and how much money is spent to print the entire post.

If you printed Twitter …
  • the seven billion tweets to date are composed of 104,860,000,000 words, as many as 133,000 copies of the the King James version of the Bible.
  • it would cover 350 million sheets of paper, which is 37 times the number of pages used in bills introduced in the United States Congress since 1955.
  • the paper would weigh three and a half million pounds, the equivalent of 82 school buses fully loaded with 84 happily tweeting kids.
  • and did nothing but read tweets throughout the entire work day, it would take 2,912 years to get through it.
  • and laid the pages end to end, they would stretch 60,763 miles or two and a half times around the earth.
  • on an average HP Inkjet printer, it would cost you $24,500,000 to print in black ink or $55,606,250 to include the Twitter blue.
  • keeping up with the 26 million tweets daily would require 30 inkjet printers working around the clock to print more than 1,300,000 pages every day.


hendra said…
beuh aja aja ada twitt :lol:
andry sianipar said…
greetings from the island of Bali -
really nice blog..

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