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Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease caused by dengue virus is transmitted through Aedes Aegypty mosquito,. This disease can cause bleeding if not treated quickly.
The disease is commonly found in tropical countries such as Southeast Asia, India, Brazil, including Indonesia, of course. The initial symptoms of DHF are high fever

For that we need to know this DHF prevention of disease by avoiding mosquito bites in the morning until late afternoon. Eradicate mosquito breeding so that the breeding of mosquitoes would be minimized. Fumigation and the provision of abate powder (temephos) in the cistern.

Currently Google has launched a monitoring tool GOOGLE DENGUE TRENDS dengue in Indonesia, which also launched in 38 languages ​​and 5 countries.

Dengue With Google Trends, the people of Indonesia is expected to be online at any time to track the latest dengue activity in Indonesia. Because updated every day, Google Trends provides an early indicator of dengue on dengue activity, even before the official announcement submitted.
This tool uses data that has been granted by the Ministry of Health