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3 Netflix Family Series Movie That Can Be Watched With Your Partner

3 Netflix Family Series  Movie That Can Be Watched With Your Partner - This is my daily life since the pandemic until now. Since the pandemic hit the world, watching movies at home has become one of the most amusement activities which we do often at home, it helps us reducing our stress because of our daily activities. Life goes on whether work or school and don't forget to take a break and have refreshing time.
3 Netflix Family Series Movie

Watching Alone or With Family?

Most of our family members spending free time by watching movies and listening to music. We have our own favorite genre, and sometimes we watch it together. For me I prefer watching action movie and detective genre, while my wife likes drama and romance. Both of our children prefer to watch anime.

So grateful,  technology is becoming more advanced now, even though  I can not watch movie in theater, because of Netflix become one of the streaming movies and Internet Provider as a provider internet service which accompany me during my life activities and help us recharge after online working.

When I watch my favorite movie, definitely I will watch it alone, and  sometimes my wife also wants to join if she is interested. When I have time I also accompany my wife to watch her favorite movies. My daily life with my wife is 24 hours together, so we try to find fun activities that we can do together as well.

Watching movies with partner has  a lot of benefits, even we have our own favorite genre. Sometimes when we watch movie that we don't really like and when we push ourselves to watch it we can find inspiration, information and lesson. Those things can be applied for our daily life. Besides, watching movie together with your partner helps you  to get closer to each other.

1. Chesapeake Shores

My wife really loves Chesapeake Shores series. The main character of this series is Abby O'Brien as the eldest child of O'Brien family who lives in Chesapeake Shores.

My wife also loves the setting of the movie because the O'Brien family has a house by the lake and 

surrounded by the beautiful garden and greenery view. Having a great time barbeque with family on the edge of the lake , and talk to each other. Such as a  great moment and I feel good when I see it.

The storyline of Chesapeake Shores is not only about Abby but for the entire O'Brien family such as Jess, Bree and Kevin. Conor who are all Abby's sisters. The story of Mic and Megan's parents from Abby is also great to see.

For your information, the Chesapeake Shores series is based on the novel series of the same title by Sherryl Woods.

Besides, the story and inherent of family conflicts. The Chesapeake Shores series also has a great soundtrack to listen to, it is a “Coming Home Soon” by Adam Woodall.

2. Virgin River

Virgin River is a romantic television drama series that airs on Netflix and It is based on the novel Virgin River which written by Robyn Carr. Since its 

premiere at first season, Virgin River has made a wife captivated because of the  medical drama background,  even though it is just a little. Currently, the Virgin River series has entered its 4th season.

The story revolves around the life of Mel Monro who moves from his old city residence to find work as a midwife and nurse in Virgin River, a small town in Northern California.

Mel left his old place to forget all the painful memories he had  and he hoped can find happiness at the Virgin River. But this is life and sometimes it is not easy to deal with. Even though you live in small town which is full of simplest things. In Virgin River I can feel the sense of the family between the people and they easily help each other.  One by one conflict  comes in each episode and it would be a pity to miss.

3. Manifest

My wife is waiting for the 4th season of the Manifest series, while the previous three seasons have been watched marathons by her.

Manifest tells us the story of the passengers of plane 828 which disappeared for 5 years and suddenly landed again. Surprisingly all the passengers did not feel they were missing for 5 years, they felt that they flew only a few hours.

The storyline is curious and cannot wait to see it. Even though it is a bit confusing, especially when the surviving passengers feel something different after they go back home and the government thinks that they are crazy. Until now, the story is still about finding the fact about the call that must be carried out by the passenger to prevent bad things happen.  In November, 2022, the latest season of Manifest will be released soon, this is the final season.

Watching Netflix Smoothly Because of The Fixed Broadband Internet

Those are just 3 recommendations for Netflix series that can accompany my daily life and my partner at home, there are many other interesting series and movies to watch. Thanks to Internet Fixed Broadband that I already have from IndiHome as an Internet Provider from Telkom Group that faithfully provide our internet needs.

The needs of internet provider during the pandemic until now is much needed for supported my daily life especially if it is supported by the Internet Fixed Broadband, which is an internet communication line that utilizes a fixed fiber network at a bandwidth of more than 256 kbps so that, it will remain stable because of the permanent  bandwidth.

IndiHome as an internet provider supported by Internet Fixed Broadband provides a variety of internet packages based on speed to affordable prices according to the needs.

With Internet Provider IndiHome My daily life at work and enjoying entertainment is greatly helped because I can do unlimited activities.

So, are you interested in watching 3 family-themed Netflix movie series that can be watched with my recommended partner?


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