Nokia 6700 Classic

Like other classic Nokia, Nokia 6700 Classic has features of simplicity through minimalist physique. Actually, one year ago, Nokia had launched one of his classic weapons to fill this premium, the 6220c. Now the price has touched Rp 2.8 million. But that also hape candy-bar shape is less successfully penetrate the market. Though already has the features and systems the most complete software than hape-hape other classic Nokia family. Similarly, 6700c sold a little more expensive but still not as complete facility equipped 6220c.

So where are the good 6700c if not more sophisticated? This question appears when I first encountered this phone. Even if we consider the price factor, with capital of Rp 3 million could have glanced at one of the E63 or maybe hape Nseries or other brands that also offer more sophisticated features.

But when the 6700c packs are opened and the body in direct contact with our hands, then we became aware of the classic figure of this one. Dimension which was small enough so solid. The design was not luxurious but with a graceful elegance. And who wakes curiosity is its casing material which was of metal. While the body behind the engraved inscription: 5 megapixels.

Design and Buttons
Because the casing is made of metal material, the weight of this hape become quite heavy (116.5 grams). But this advantage has to offer. Shells are not made of metal standards, 6700c apparently select the type of stainless steel that is believed to be immune to changes in temperature and stainless. From this we can conclude that some of this hape will have extra durability in aesthetic matters.

There is a camera facility, music, FM radio and GPS are included in this category. Because it's 5 megapixel camera, photographing the facility became the most important element. Unlike other Nokia 5 megapixel camera equipped with the usual type of Carl Zeiss optics, 6700c armed only with a standard type of optical type of LED flash lights.

GPS has been equipped Nokia Maps so you can immediately use. Besides relying on satellite, navigation function is supported also assisted-GPS method, the search location using signals from the operator. But of course the latter is not free. Through several experiments we did to get the coordinates of the location, 6700c may take 2 to 3 minutes

Internet dan E-mail
You can expect a lot of these online services. There is a wide path with HSDPA bandwidth 10 / 2 Mbps (uplink / downlink). Then the application's WebKit browser supports HTML format and Minimap, Ovi service, facebook, myspace, youtube, flickr, and a number of other applications online support. We also praise the e-mail that has been supported by the e-mail client is quite capable. With the capital just a username and password we can activate an e-mail with ease.

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