Coins for Prita

Action supported by Mulyasari Prita coin collecting continues. Prita was touched on a very large support from the community.

"This is the power of God. The coin is in my opinion is the symbol of the little people, that is my"

Prita can not help crying when she heard the action of collecting coins to pay the penalty fines. According Prita, when the public finally gave the coin, it means that is a lesson to justice.

"People would have to give the smallest value for the sake of justice," said Prita. Thus, the mother of two was hoping that the case could give rise to the best way for the law. "And only God can respond. Thank you all friends," said Prita.

As we know, the courts between Prita Mulyasari with Omni International Hospital has been set. In the Tangerang District Court, Prita sentenced to pay a fine of Rp 312 million.

The verdict was received before he was in Tangerang Penitentiary for Women in May 2009. Based on the first level decision, Prita then appealed to the High Court of Banten.

The result, Prita finally positioned at the side of the defeated and obliged to pay a fine of Rp 204 million. Although the value of fines fell by around USD 100 million, Prita remain in the position to lose.

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