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Weekend Community Without the Mall (WTM)

What's your weekend agenda tomorrow? Eat with the family? Monthly expenditure? Buy the book? Or, watch romantic Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart of New Moon? Where do all these activities? Is the nearest mall?

No wonder. Large town, such as Jakarta, it can not be separated from the mall. Shopping centers that continue to emerge is that the market demand extraordinary. More and more malls are close to settlements. As a result, families in Jakarta and more frequently come to the mall.

To fill the holidays, for example, the most easy to go to the mall. All members of the family can eat together in the food court or watch the movies. After that, they are still able to fulfill their respective desires. The children went to the game in the mall, his mother visited a department store, and his father spent time in hardware stores. Serbapraktis and all satisfied. Do not be surprised if it is hard to find parking at the mall during holidays.

However, if every week go to the mall, do not get bored? Well, if you're bored tour the shopping center, try to refer to the offer from the community to the Mall Without Wiken.

The Community had held two agendas Wiken Without the Mall. Beginning in June 2009, they held a holiday in Ragunan agenda for a full day. Furthermore, in July (11 / 7) and, WTM streets Cikini along with the headline "acik in Cikini".

One of the participants who come to the Ragunan is Asih. Single 30-year-old was admitted happy trip to the zoo. While living in Jakarta, "I have many years to Ragunan enggak. Last time elementary school there, "said the employee was based in Sudirman.

Asih said, he invited a friend to join WTM-style vacation. "WTM is a creative idea. They created a simple thing into something interesting, "he said. Thanks to many friends in the community WTM, Asih was not ashamed Ragunan set foot in again.

Similar revealed Saiful Azhar. Employees at an automotive company is diligently attend WTM. "Fun! I can also meet new friends, "said 27-year-old bachelor is. Saiful claimed invited friends to join WTM, via e-mail. He would, because they feel bored with how to spend vacation time in Jakarta. "If observed, do not, the entertainment in Jakarta enggak too much," said Saiful who often Hangout at the mall.

Indah Esjepe, one of the WTM activist, agrees that the community was formed as an alternative to fill holiday Jakarta residents. "Usually people a weekend filled to the mall. You see, going out of town, really, long and short vacation time, "said the mother of one child.

WTM community, according Enti Nuridah, WTM other activists, was formed from by the way, among members of three communities that already exist, namely Nature Trekker, Indonesia Action Movement, and Live Indonesia Raya. "From the get-together was, thrown to Wiken Without ideas to Mal," Enti story, the day-to-day work as a chiropractic training manager at the Sudirman numbers.

Not antimal
The community members had agreed that the actual mall or shopping center is not a place for recreation. Most of residents of Jakarta are also often confused want to spend the holiday where. "Mal formed consumptive nature and creative people so it is not there," said Adityayoga, Indonesia Raya Live members, who is also an activist WTM.

In the shopping center, people hardly interact with each other. As a result, there is no emotion that is built into the mall during the holidays. In fact, the purpose of recreation is that our brains become more creative. On the other hand, the initiators of this WTM also catch signs that people got tired of big city on vacation at the mall. Moreover, citizens of Jakarta are also aware that there are some other vacation destination mall. "But, generally they are lazy when I have to go alone," he said.

Though try not to fill a vacation to the mall, anyway WTM activists are not antimal. "We're not antimal, lo!" Said Enti. He admitted difficult to escape the shopping center. "For example, want to eat or meet friends, yes most accessible to the mall," he continued. Aditya agrees it. "I also still meeting at the mall. Or, buy the book, yes, to the mall, "he said.

Inviting the family to the mall during the holidays also made beautiful. "Usually to the bookstore," said the woman who lived in this Bintaro. If you have to bookstores, so families can feel at home all day Beautiful. That is why, Beautiful supports invitation to a vacation without shopping center. "Instead, the mall was returned to its function, ie, where shopping, not a place of recreation," said Aditya.

There are also community WTM, said Aditya, aiming all circles and segments. "How young children or elderly people, all can participate," he said.

Left holding the event in Ragunan, Enti said, there are about 10 children who joined the fray. "If events in Cikini, even involving three generations, since anyone brought her grandmother," she said.

Together with other community
Well, not like a community that then create a mailing list, WTM has a page on Multiply, and Facebook. That's where WTM activists announced plans to holiday and agenda. "In addition, we also print leaflets," said Indah.

Promotion is done in cyberspace, by way of forwarding an e-mail flyers. "Time to hold the event in Ragunan, we also had time to spread leaflets to some schools," said Indah.

Because targeting the whole family, WTM activists must make the appropriate agenda. Just look at Ragunan, they held a workshop about snakes and painting trash cans to be donated to the zoo.

Different again in Cikini. Besides visiting Gedong Joang and Planetarium, the group also stopped at WTM bakery Tjoan Tan Ek. "There's a nostalgia participants, because of old tart famous Tan Ek Tjoan awful," said Enti.

With a solid agenda like that, Aditya says, they are open to collaboration with other communities. Left in Ragunan, WTM invites Sioux, namely Indonesia snake institution, and community Greenlifestyle. "By Greenlifestyle our own drinks taken, to reduce the use of plastic bottles," said Aditya.

WTM community agreed the agenda of their holiday held on a regular basis, a month or two months. Whatever the holiday agenda, Aditya assured that the nature of the WTM is always creative and quality, both were held outside or in the room. "You see, we have a motto that in a healthy weekend Weekdays strong there," he said. Cool.